Eric Wilson, who works for Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie’s campaign, noted in a tweet Thursday that the Washington Post has gone “full-on creepy” in its attempt to paint Gillespie as “elusive.”

Fox News’s Alex Pappas noted it as well:

Aside from being outside Gillespie’s house when the lights come on in the morning, the Washington Post’s reporters have been following the neighbors to school as well. Seriously, check this out:

In an effort to learn where Gillespie was campaigning on Wednesday, Washington Post reporters arrived outside his house in the darkness of the early morning and drove along with the cars that left his cul-de-sac.

An Infiniti SUV that bore a Gillespie for Governor bumper sticker and looked like a vehicle he had used at other events turned out to contain a neighbor — a mother driving her pre-teen to school. The main activity in that car was not politicking, but texting.

Democracy drives in darkness.

* * *

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