Not long after The New York Times broke the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story wide open, the Los Angeles Times took a look at charges against director James Toback.

In his original piece, reporter Glenn Whipp interviewed 38 women who said they’d been accosted by Toback, and Whipp’s call for others to come forward produced quite a few more, including Julianne Moore.

Now the number of accusers sits well over 200:

With Toback’s name in the headlines, Decider TV critic Kayla Cobb wrote a piece on an HBO documentary on which Toback and Alec Baldwin collaborated in 2013, noting in her piece that Baldwin has remained silent about the allegations against Toback. On Thursday, Flavorwire noted how Baldwin has lashed out at Cobb on Twitter.

Hmm… look how long it took “real journalists” to out Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator after he was knowingly coddled by Hollywood for decades.


Actress Selma Blair weighed in, though.


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