Matthew Dowd’s original tweet dates back to Oct. 12, but Josh Jordan managed to revive it Tuesday night, and Dowd didn’t manage to make any more sense even after a nearly two-week break to come up with something more coherent.

Well, it’s not like Hillary Clinton has continued to act as a public figure, touring behind her campaign memoir, giving speeches, sitting for interviews and podcasts, and running a little shadow government from her social media accounts. But, whatever. Don’t focus on her, by any means.

OK, we get that Dowd calls himself a proud independent and sports a “Country Over Party” logo to go with his “nonpartisan” ListenTo.Us site, but focus on who holds power? Is he saying because Hillary doesn’t hold office that she doesn’t hold power? Even children’s books tell us that no woman ever accomplished anything until Hillary Clinton came along.

Is this about the Russia-Trump dossier that’s been traced back to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC? Maybe that’s worth a look? Lordy.

* * *


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