As Twitchy reported earlier, Bill O’Reilly swung back at the New York Times after it wrote about a $32 million settlement he’d made after being charged with sexual harassment. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” O’Reilly tweeted, adding that he wasn’t about to “run and hide.”

As part of his defense, O’Reilly tweeted that he’d received notes from Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson.

Photos of both of the notes are posted on O’Reilly’s website, although Kelly’s is a thank you note for attendance at a baby shower, and Carlson’s is a thank you note for a book plug — that’s it.

Megyn Kelly had already thrown down the gauntlet earlier in the day by saying on her NBC show that she’d complained at Fox News about O’Reilly’s behavior, and Gretchen Carlson weighed in later about having written a note.


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