Newsweek — the magazine sold by The Washington Post Company for a dollar — has become something really sad. Sure, it had been a left-leaning outlet for a long time, but you could still call it a serious news magazine: one with writers and editors and a reason to exist. But lately, it’s been downright shocking to see what passes for journalism there.

Take, for example, Saturday’s feature, “All The Times Donald Trump Has Been Called The Worst President: A List.

It’s reminiscent of the New York Times’ list of all the people, places and things Donald Trump insulted during the 2016 campaign, except the Times actually put some effort into that list, which comprised hundreds of items (with some dubious inclusions) and filled a two-page spread.

Newsweek? Well, Julia Glum or someone there seems to have run a Google search and found that both Rep. Maxine Waters (!) and the Urban Dictionary have called Trump the worst president ever. So have Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Dan Rather. And Rep. Adam Schiff and Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez and Will Farrell (in character as George W. Bush). And — spoiler — that’s about it.

We can think of more #NeverTrump conservatives who’ve called Trump the worst president ever. Come on — if you’re gonna troll, but some effort into it.

* * *


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