While the headlines Thursday were flooded with takes on Gen. John Kelly’s statement regarding Gold Star families, President Trump did try to move the needle on the story of a Russian bribery plot involving uranium that was broken by The Hill on Tuesday.

Conservative Review had pointed out the absence of mainstream media coverage of the bribery plot, but on Thursday managed to catch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reporting on it — well, mentioning it out loud, really. In the context of the president’s tweet.

Rob Eno writes:

The story seemingly vindicated President Trump’s insistence during the campaign that the Clinton Foundation received donations from Russia to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision on whether to approve the purchase of 20 percent of the U.S. uranium supply by a Russian-controlled company.

In the over-48 hours since that story broke, CNN had not mentioned the story on a produced program. After President Trump tweeted and mentioned the story in a news conference, that ended just after 1:00 pm ET today.

Don’t blink, OK? The whole clip is only 17 seconds long.

Maybe thanks to CNN taking such a hard look at the charges, the networks finally decided to get on board?


* * *


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