It was just a few hours ago that Twitchy reported that unfunny white comedian Sarah Silverman’s new Hulu series will — allegedly — “aim to unite a fractured United States.” Obviously, it won’t do that, nor will it be funny. At least it will have beaten unfunny white comedian Chelsea Handler to the punch, though.

According to BuzzFeed, Silverman will travel around and “connect with un-like-minded people” and do a lot of reaching across the aisle. We’re thinking Handler could have saved some time and just copied and pasted BuzzFeed’s article to announce that she would be doing essentially the same thing.

Note that while Handler’s walking away from her Netflix show, she’s not walking away from Netflix: the cameras will follow along as she engages with people she doesn’t talk with enough.

No pun intended — just who is Handler trying to kid? “Gain a better understanding of our political divide,” says the woman who does nothing but take unfunny pot shots at the president on Twitter.

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