They really do things bigger in Australia, don’t they? Only Sunday, Twitchy was reporting on a CNN interview in which Hillary Clinton was (again) blaming former FBI Director James Comey and his October surprise for costing her the women’s vote that would have put her over the top.

To CNN, at least, she stopped short of accusing Comey of stabbing her, but things went a little differently on Australian program Four Corners.

Well, we all know Comey didn’t craft his shiv in prison, but maybe he should spend some time there now that it’s been confirmed he was drafting statements about Hillary’s exoneration months before interviewing her and her closest associates. And Clinton admitted again that she’s “no tech wizard,” so maybe that whole bit about wiping the server, like, with a cloth was genuine? Nah …

Check this out:

Freed her to complain and point the finger of blame at length, then yes. But it certainly didn’t free her from bitterness, or allow her a free moment for some introspection and self-assessment.

Does this sound like someone who’s been “freed”?

Destiny? DESTINY? Thank goodness she was freed from the responsibility of running the country, though she had to endure the “emotional gut punch” of attending Trump’s inauguration.

Here’s a link to the full video, if you dare.

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