It seems everyone on the left has a lesson for us all now that the New York Times has published its exposé on decades of sexual harassment allegations and legal settlements by movie producer, Democrat donor, and frequent White House guest Harvey Weinstein.

Many liberals are looking at it as an exercise in shame — that is, the shame right-wingers should feel exploiting this scandal to attack all the Democrats who knew about Weinstein and attended his parties and took his money anyway.

Don’t leave out Paul Krugman, who sees an object lesson in right-wing projection:

Seriously? Excusing evil behavior by people on your side is what conservatives do? That would explain all the Democrats crying about “sexual McCarthyism” during the Clinton impeachment hearings and portraying independent counsel Ken Starr as a pornographer.

We’ve said it before today, but it just fits: It’s just like Jimmy Kimmel being angrier with the gun “crazies” than he is with the man who pulled the trigger in Las Vegas. Liberals say they’re outraged over Harvey Weinstein’s behavior, but they’re more angry at conservatives pointing out his long and very close relationship with the most powerful Democrats.

* * *