Now that decades’ worth of sexual harassment allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein have surfaced, what will all the Democrats to whom Weinstein donated money do?

BuzzFeed checked into it and found three Democrat senators — Patrick Leahy, Richard Blumenthal, and Martin Heinrich have agreed to pass along the donations to charity; Heinrich to Community Against Violence, and Blumenthal to the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

The thing is, Weinstein gave to a lot more than three senators. Adam B. Vary writes:

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Weinstein bundled — a term for helping officially fundraise donations from others — $1,422,683 for Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and at least $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Looks like neither Obama nor the Clintons feel like talking right now.

They’re not alone in keeping quiet for the moment.

It’s complicated, or at least that’s what some pundits are saying.

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This could be … problematic.

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