The media certainly can kick into advocacy mode quickly when it feels like the topic warrants it. Every since the left decided there was a little too much “hate speech” in free speech, papers have been hosting op-eds and hot takes on the First Amendment and how maybe being so “absolutist” about free speech really isn’t such a good idea after all.

Remember this?

Of course, the media has never had a problem questioning the Second Amendment or the founders’ “true” intentions, so it’s no surprise to see newspapers hauling out the same old arguments on the right to bear arms following the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Cameron Gray noticed a couple of takes Tuesday:

The Washington Post’s argument really is an old one; it was published in 2014, but the Post decided to tweet a fresh link to it Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times, on the other hand, decided to grant its readers some wish fulfillment and had them rewrite the amendment; hence, takes such as, “The right of the people to own firearms shall be balanced and regulated to ensure the safety of fellow citizens,” and, “AMENDMENT II. Repealed.”

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