We’re pretty certain Barbra Streisand is echoing her hero Hillary Clinton, who decided, exactly one tweet before tweeting, “we can and must put politics aside,” to politicize the Las Vegas shooting by coming out against legislation that would make suppressors easier to purchase.

Fast-forward one day, and here’s Streisand lending the weight of her expertise with firearms and suppressors:

We all wish that, but first things first: the argument that no one would hear gunfire if the shooter had used a suppressor is ridiculous, especially considering the fact that he was firing from inside a hotel room.


We’re betting Streisand didn’t know that … or that “silencers” don’t silence anything. But hey — the Las Vegas shooter gave the Democrats an opening to move the gun control ball forward, and if they can get an inch, they’ll take it.

America has to act NOW to pass common sense gun reform … there’s no time for facts.


* * *