It’s well known that Newsweek (the company, not the magazine) was sold for $1 just a few years back, and it still seems like the buyer was ripped off. After all, the title is pretty deceptive, considering there’s very little room for news now that the magazine has decided to become a left-wing blog.

We were fully prepared for the mainstream media to find something wrong with President Trump’s statement on the mass shooting in Las Vegas; most likely his call for thoughts and prayers rather than action on gun control.

What we didn’t expect was a comparison between his emotional reaction and Barack Obama’s tears over the Sandy Hook massacre.

What the …? Celeste Katz writes:

While quoting Scripture and speaking of the enduring American spirit, Trump didn’t demonstrate visible anguish during his remarks. By comparison, his predecessor, Barack Obama, openly wept when he addressed the nation after the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.

Obama at the time also spoke passionately in favor of stronger gun regulations during his address; Trump made no mention of the issue Monday.

“Trump didn’t demonstrate visible anguish.” There’s nothing to do but impeach, then.

There was, apparently, and only Newsweek decided to cover it.

Did Hillary Clinton cry, or did she just tweet? Let’s see some reporting!

* * *