As Twitchy reported Saturday morning, President Donald Trump in a series of tweets slammed the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, citing her “poor leadership ability.” Trump’s tweets raised quite a few questions, the least of which was not, “Should the president be tweeting like this right now?”

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has been all over the media this weekend inspiring some questions of her own. During a press conference Friday, she said she was “mad as hell” about the relief effort, while pictured in front of pallets of drinking water that apparently were being used as a photo backdrop before being distributed.

But the big question came later, as Mayor Cruz was being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper while wearing a custom-printed T-shirt reading, “Help Us, We Are Dying.”

As much as we’d like to think it was a gift from some clever CNN producer, we’re pretty sure it was the mayor’s own idea. But when? Where?

OK, turns out we weren’t the only ones a bit suspicious of the T-shirt’s origin either.

* * *