On Thursday night, both the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers stood and locked arms during the national anthem, while the Denver Broncos released a statement saying players would be standing for the anthem on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins will meet in London. So what are those teams planning to do, considering they’re on foreign soil and guests of the United Kingdom?

Saints quarterback Drew Brees has a solution that he thinks “shows respect for all” — though we’ll confess, we still think standing for the anthem is the best way to show respect for all.

OK, so the team will stand for the anthem, but first kneel in solidarity. In solidarity with what, though? Each other? The Black Lives Matter movement? Will someone please explain if this protest is still about police shootings, or if it’s now about white supremacy, unity, or just another anti-Trump statement?

“Showing respect for all” doesn’t seem to be sitting well with either side; it waters down the protest angle, and does nothing to appease those who think millionaire sports stars have little reason to protest inequality.

Well said. “Everyone in the board room thought it was a great commercial!”

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