As Twitchy reported just a little bit ago, liberals are suddenly rethinking their stance on President George W. Bush and his response to Hurricane Katrina. We’re old enough to remember hearing about how Bush blew up the levees himself in order to drown a large block of Democrat voters and then did a cursory flyover to admire his work.

But now, when it’s important for liberals to make President Trump’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico look like an impeachable dereliction of duty, it’s OK to lighten up on Bush a little bit — you know, for contrast.

Eric Boehlert, formerly of Media Matters and now with Shareblue Media, was among those who — for a little while Saturday — suggested the Left drop the Katrina references for a bit. After all, “deep down,” Bush really did care about the Katrina victims, right?

But now that tweet has vanished.

It certainly does look like Boehlert’s attempt to “normalize” Bush as a compassionate human being, “deep down” — even if only long enough to score points against Trump — didn’t fly.

See what you get when you try to humanize someone like George W. Bush? Learn to read the mob, OK?


“Real Dems.”

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