The Tennessean was good enough to pass along a message to football fans from Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker, particularly those fans angered that the team stayed in the locker room Sunday during the national anthem: No one told you to come.

Well, a lot of people are trying to encourage you to buy tickets and tune in on TV … it’s kind of how people get paid, but for those fans who don’t want to come to the games anymore, Walker has a message: “Bye.”

“And the fans that don’t want to come to the game? I mean, OK. Bye. I mean, if you feel that’s something, we’re disrespecting you, don’t come to the game. You don’t have to. No one’s telling you to come to the game. It’s your freedom of choice to do that.”

It’s nice to hear an NFL player talk about the importance of freedom while refusing to take the field for the anthem — we’re certain the owners are thrilled with the players telling fans not to come to the games, as is our friend from Hot Air, Allahpundit.

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