Usually when we come across the story of a really amazingly woke kid, it’s in the context of a child asking a question or making a statement beyond his years — and conveniently teeing up a teaching moment for the adult to share on social media.

This one’s a little different, in that it shows less of the woke kid and more of the process into making that child really amazingly woke. We’re not trying to single out the author, a “sociologist and ethnographer studying social inequalities,” as many people might prefer strangers not speak to their young children.

However, imagine you’re the person who seemingly innocently inspired this exchange. You’re really a monster and likely don’t know it.

So the story does have a moral, not to mention some wicked stepsister types in the dissenting family members. It’s safe to say even if we haven’t learned our lesson, we’ve been given plenty to think about.

Damn right you will.

So, community discussion question for the commenters: is this really for the good of the next generation, or are some of those deeply ingrained social habits not quite as nefarious as they might seem here?

* * *