President Trump is on a tweeting spree today, taking on both the NFL and Iran via his personal Twitter feed. His tweet about Iran was inspired by a reported ballistic missile test by the country, leading him to criticize the Obama administration’s pricey Iran deal.

Anti-Trump celebs like Chelsea Handler are already warming up to Kim Jong Un as a leader, so it’s not surprising that many people took the occasion to criticize Trump for not understanding the terms of the Iran deal. What a dummy!

We don’t see in his tweet where Trump claimed there was no provision for missile tests — only that it’s not much of an agreement. That said … missile tests really aren’t covered under the Iran deal?

Yeah, what have you got to say for yourself, Ben Rhodes? We already know you never stop talking.

Ah, if not for the Iran deal, that missile fired today could very well have had a nuclear warhead. Phew, that was a close one. Thanks, Obama.

Yes, but the Iran deal …

* * *