Twitchy has already covered Obama advisor Ben Rhodes’ hot take on the Iran deal portion of President Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, but 1) Rhodes just can’t stop tweeting about it, and 2) there’s no way we could have known things would escalate this quickly.

Obviously Rhodes is invested in the Iran deal and Barack Obama’s legacy, but when it came to the North Korea portion of Trump’s speech, Rhodes floated a take so hot the U.S. could drop it on Kim Jong Un and vaporize the entire country in the process.

It’s true that Benjamin Netanyahu loved the speech — he’s not quite the fan of the Iran deal that Rhodes is, admitting as he did that “Iran vows to destroy my country every day.” So you can see where Bibi might not get fainting spells over a speech.

Strange how North Korea has threatened the U.S. and its neighbors plenty and has begun lobbing missiles over Japan’s airspace. There were plenty of missile tests during the Obama years as well, but like Susan Rice said, Trump just needs to learn to “tolerate” North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Maybe it’s time for Rhodes and everyone else from the Obama administration to stay silent for a bit.

* * *