In case you missed it, “conservative” Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio stunned CNN’s Brooke Baldwin when he told her two things have never let him down: the First Amendment, and boobs.

Your level of outrage may vary … let’s just say that any network that let Kathy Griffin co-host its New Year’s Eve Live special year after year has any room to gripe about propriety on cable TV.

Chris Vanderveen, an investigative journalist for KUSA in Denver and, according to his Twitter bio, a seeker of truth and “writer” of wrongs, thought Travis had committed a wrong that needed righting.

Tough crowd.

It had better not be true, or Vanderveen had better start working a lot of overtime: if one mention of “boobs” is going to cause sons to grow up to harm women, he has an entire entertainment industry to take on: maybe start with the fashion magazines and then work your way up to Hollywood.

Hooray for boobs!

* * *