The boobs at Vox are at it again, this time labeling Clay Travis as a conservative in an article on his now infamous “First Amendment and boobs” comment to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin:

From the article:

Clay Travis, who identifies as “a Southern white conservative,” clarified that, yes, she had heard him correctly.

Except Vox left out that Travis voted for Obama twice and worked on the Al Gore campaign:

He voted for Johnson in 2016, which would make him a libertarian maybe?

Anyway, the link above where Travis called himself a “Southern white conservative,” is out of context, too. Here’s the entire excerpt:

I asked him why I couldn’t talk about politics and sports when I saw other people on FS1 and ESPN regularly talking about politics and sports. He told me that was different because they were talking about politics from a liberal perspective and that was okay, but advertisers didn’t like when you talked about sports and politics from a conservative perspective. As a Southern white conservative, I didn’t have the same freedom to mix sports and politics as a liberal would.

(Brief interlude here, I’m not opposed to talking about politics in sports. I’m opposed to talking about politics and sports and only doing it from one perspective, a liberal one. If someone wants to argue Colin Kaepernick is a hero, that’s fine, but someone else should also be able to argue he’s a fraud. Right now that doesn’t happen in most sports media. We’re confronted with an artificial debate question — how heroic is Colin Kaepernick? — that artificially stifles the marketplace of ideas, creating the exact opposite of a robust debate. By the way, the fact that I, a two-time Obama voter who has never voted Republican, worked for the Al Gore presidential campaign and is pro-choice and anti the death penalty, am considered “too conservative” is perfect evidence of how far left wing sports media has gone).

Vox: inventing bridges and voting records.