Maybe there was a remote chance that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s big day would have dominated the headlines, but chances of that were slim the morning after “Chuck and Nancy” announced a deal with President Trump that would quickly “enshrine” DACA protections into law along with a border security package that specifically excluded the border wall.

It was such a great deal, even reliable Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter asked, “who DOESN’T want Trump impeached” at this point?

So it should have been good news to Republicans that it was a big day for the conservative agenda, at least in the House, where legislators voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Tell us another one, Paul …

It sure felt big … no, wait, that was North Korea test-firing another ballistic missile. So, what were the big advances today on their way to die in the *cough* Republican-led Senate?

We’re old enough to remember how great it would be to have a Republican White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.

Breitbart was kind of excited, although grasping at straws seems understandable at this point.

A release from Rep. Tom Graves made it clear that the legislation “fully funds President Trump’s request to begin construction of the border wall and provides funds to hire 500 new Border Patrol agents and 1,000 new ICE agents.” Um, fully funds the request to begin construction of the wall?

So, was it a proud day?

* * *