As everyone knows, Hillary Clinton’s latest book came out Tuesday, an event which has drawn Clinton back into the spotlight and is serving as perhaps the election night celebration she and her supporters never got to have.

Fans are in full revisionist mode, including Jessica Valenti, who contends Wednesday in Marie Claire that Clinton “is more of a president right now than Donald Trump will ever be.” On that point we agree 100 percent — or would, if the president’s job were solely to shift personal responsibility to every other person (Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, James Comey), place (Wisconsin, middle America), and/or thing (WikiLeaks, sexism) on earth.

We’ll let readers click on over to Marie Claire if they want to soak up all five reasons why Hillary Clinton is more president than Trump will ever be, but here’s a spoiler. According to Valenti, Clinton “focuses on helping the victims of natural disasters as opposed to bragging about how big the storms are.”

Never mind that Trump has been on top of the rescue and relief efforts (something Valenti doesn’t mention); his wife wore heels on Marine One before visiting Texas, and his personal $1 million donation to the relief effort probably won’t clear the bank. (No, she didn’t mention the donation either.)

“Clinton, on the other hand, was spreading the word on ways to help victims,” writes Valenti. Spreading the word? So presidential! Who else was taking time from a book launch to do that? What screams leadership like retreating to the woods and emerging only when yet another memoir needed a marketing push?

And look at Clinton signing those books, like she was Obama signing extra-constitutional executive orders and commutations on his way out the door! She IS president!

We’ll at least give Peter Daou credit for keeping Verrit separate from his most explicit Hillary fan fiction … so far.

* * *