As Twitchy reported, The Resistance was not at all impressed when President Trump announced that he and the first lady would be making a personal $1 million donation toward #Harvey relief in Texas and Louisiana.

First, it wasn’t enough, and others had given more; second, he was blamed for cutting government programs; and third, would he actually follow through and write the check?

That is David Farenthold’s gig at the Washington Post, and he won a Pulitzer for digging into Trump’s charitable donations during the campaign, though his findings weren’t enough to drag Hillary across the finish line. And sure enough, he was keeping watch:

There wasn’t a reality episode or a prime time TV ceremony, but the White House did release a statement Wednesday detailing which charities would benefit from the Trumps’ donation. The Red Cross and Salvation Army each were pledged $300,000.

Let’s see if the list changes anyone’s tune.

Sure, because government programs funded through taxes are always so much more efficient than charities that depend on voluntary donations.

Just another feel-good story out of Houston.

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