It’s not surprising that GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann had a critical take on President Trump Monday, the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Nor was it surprising that his gripe was rather petty: the people who always complain about Trump’s tweets, it seemed, were upset that he hadn’t (yet) tweeted about it being the anniversary of 9/11.

Of course Trump tweeted about 9/11, even offering up a video (that seemed more about him than the response to the attacks, but that’s another post).

Come to think of it, we’re wondering if Olberman posted that photo just so he could prove he’s not all alone in a basement producing his show, “The Resistance.” It looks like he has at least two other people trapped down there with him, running the prompter and the camera. So much for the idea of his whole crew being a tripod.

Seeing as Olbermann tweeted a couple hours after Trump did, his whole complaint is that Trump didn’t tweet about 9/11 in the morning?

Honestly, in this case? Something a little more “presidential” than a tweet from his personal account … say, something from the White House feed about the moment of silence?

C’mon … gripe about President Trump all you want, but at least try harder.

* * *