Michael Moore is still busy doing his thing on Broadway, but he managed to find time to sneak in a quick shot at President Donald Trump Friday night, or at least that what it looks like.

Wow, tens of thousands of people liked Moore’s post, but something tells us Mar-a-Lago, located in Palm Beach, Fla., might not be the best shelter from Hurricane Irma. First, Irma hasn’t yet made landfall in Florida, and when it does, Mar-a-Lago looks to be right in its path, which news outlets seemed to report with some degree of satisfaction if not giddiness.

In fact, unhinged liberals are entertaining fantasies of Mar-a-Lago taking a direct hit and being flattened.

But yeah, rather than evacuate and head north, why not crash at Trump’s place right in the path of the storm?

Sadly, a lot of his followers don’t seem to be able to read a map either. Why hasn’t he opened the resort as a shelter? Because he’s racist?

Excellent burn:

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