It didn’t take long for cartoonist Matt Wuerker to draw up his hot take on the devastating flooding in Texas, although Politico quickly pulled his panel showing a man in a 10-gallon hat and a Confederate flag shirt mistaking the Coast Guard for angels.

Wuerker was shocked that people didn’t get it, and that he was making fun of the secessionist movement, not Texans in general. It didn’t matter, as editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had offered a strikingly similar hot take:

Secessionists, anti-government militia … what’s up with the people of Houston that we don’t know about? Good thing the New York Times was there on Monday to keep fueling the fire, publishing a piece on Texans’ “distrust of Washington” colliding with their need to federal aid post-Harvey.

Bette Midler certainly had a strong reaction to the piece (or at least the headline), retweeting it with the admonition, “No aid for them!”

Hmm … that is problematic. How to properly distribute aid money to the “right” people while punishing the bad ones who voted Republican? Maybe Midler should just follow Linda Sarsour’s instruction and donate to progressive political groups under the guise of Harvey relief.

* * *