As Twitchy reported, Politico on Wednesday tweeted (and then deleted) a cartoon by Matt Wuerker; apparently his snarky panel of a helicopter rescue in flooded Texas didn’t fly with readers, including Shelby Webb of the Houston Chronicle.

While rescuers were still hard at work, Wuerker put down his colored pencils, picked up a shovel, and began to dig.

Funny how most people reading it didn’t think, “Great pro-Coast Guard message! What a wonderful tribute!”

Let’s hope Wuerker is mixing it up with the editors at Politico right now rather than a Houston-based journalist; they’re the ones who deleted the tweet, so maybe a more productive fight would be with them.

The fault, though, seems to be with all of the readers who found the cartoon offensive — the obviously didn’t pick up the really big clue that the cartoon is about secessionists in particular, not some stereotype of Texans at large.

So it was a scalding hot take on the secessionist movement in Texas, which is odd, because the only effort to secede we’ve read about in a long time is the one in California, and even that’s a fringe movement that’s going nowhere.

Hey, word is there’s devastating flooding in South Asia … that sounds like a gold mine of humor.

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