It seems like longer ago , but it was only February when agitators at U.C. Berkeley threw barricades, smashed windows, and set fires before moving on to vandalize the city — all over an appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos that was canceled before it could even start.

Fear not, though: Ben Shapiro will speak at U.C. Berkeley next month in cooperation with the Young America’s Foundation.

Of course, ever since that little incident over Milo speaking, the school seems to have re-thought its policy when it comes to controversial (i.e., conservative) speakers. In light of police in Berkeley not seeming to do much to contain antifa rioters this weekend, Shapiro noted some of the conditions of his speech.

Campuses aren’t shy about implementing rules to limit student behavior; how about a “no masks on campus” policy?

Seriously, just call it the Conservative Speaker Tax and move on.

It really, really is a sincere shame that in 2017 this has to be said over a speaking engagement on a college campus. Showing up to hear someone else’s viewpoint does not require you to cover your face, wear a helmet, and carry a baton, pepper spray, or bottles of urine.

Will a $15,000 security fee be enough to entice security to do their jobs and stop agitators from setting the campus on fire (again)? Here’s some recommended reading to help predict the answer.

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