Republican strategist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro’s not a fan of Donald Trump; just knowing “President Loco” was still in charge ruined her enjoyment of the recent solar eclipse.

Also this week, following Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Navarro implied both on Twitter and CNN that early-onset dementia possibly was responsible for the president’s off-prompter behavior.

So her feelings on Trump are pretty clear … but what about Republicans in Congress and elsewhere? Are they all evil and/or mentally ill, or are there some decent ones left?

Sen. John McCain? The Republican who joined two other Republicans and all of the Democrats to sink Obamacare repeal? Well, if McCain’s on your list, you have to have …

It’s nice that Bush and Romney each got a shout-out — now — after being demonized by Democrats. The Dems love Romney now that he’s also on board criticizing Trump for his post-Charlottesville remarks. Remember this during the 2012 campaign?

At least Romney’s “decent” again; decent enough to join the ranks of — ahem — Republicans like Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who stood with McCain, the Democrats, and Planned Parenthood in that “skinny repeal” vote.

Since 2018 is right around the corner, is it too much to wish for some decent Republicans in Congress who vote like Republicans?

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