It’s only natural that the organizers of the Women’s March would like the keep the momentum going after the shock of Donald Trump’s election compelled women and men in knit pussy hats to converge on Washington in January. So they’re putting on something called the Women’s Convention in Detroit this fall, and this just so happens to be #WomensConventionWednesday.

To mark the occasion, the Women’s March asked followers on social media to name some of the women who inspire them, with the promise to retweet responses throughout the day.

Hmm … that’s strange. Are there women that the Women’s March wouldn’t want to recognize or celebrate on this #WomensConventionWednesday?

It’s funny: Hillary Clinton is getting a ton of shout-outs, although the far-left Women’s March wasn’t about to be prodded into adding her to its list of honorees in January.

Somehow we don’t see Gal Gadot getting a retweet for serving in the IDF if Linda Sarsour is in charge of hitting the button … but we’re on board.

No, you may not, but we’re happy to list them all.

This might be the hairiest and the scariest photo we stumbled across in our search; keep those eclipse glasses handy.

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