If you read Twitchy’s post on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his task force on “irregular migration,” you’re probably pretty confident you read the most ridiculous take on illegal immigration today. Not so fast, though.

While a huge number of illegal immigrants in the United States have decided to self-deport and head for “temporary” border crossing points set up for the occasion, untold numbers have decided to say here and live “in the shadows,” like celebrity illegal Jose Antonio Vargas.

Vargas and Define American have just unveiled a new campaign that seems to be a cross between the country’s self-esteem movement and a push for sanctuary status, and it goes by the hashtag, #UndocuJoy.

Here are some nice people who wake up every day in a country that hates them, and whom we can only guess made the conscious choice to sneak into that country illegally and live there permanently … but they’re finding their UndocuJoy and sharing it with the world.

“For our own mental health, we need to share our true selves, not the tears that they want to see,” writes Yosimar Reyes,”someone who happens to be undocumented.” Honestly, no one wants to see tears; an effort to immigrate legally would be preferable by a long shot.

Seriously? Waking up every day to a country that hates you? We can think of one guaranteed solution to that problem, and Justin Trudeau would be thrilled to help you with your bags.

Have you shared the UndocuJoy today? The Women’s March is on board, of course:

To create, to dissent … those are all wonderful things that American citizens enjoy. Many people have found their joy becoming legal U.S. citizens, or so we’ve heard.

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