On the plus side, Meghan McCain reported last week that her father had completed his first round of radiation and chemotherapy, and she and her father took in the eclipse together on Monday.

That’s fantastic news. But are we happy with Sen. John McCain this week or cranky? We’re still pretty cranky about that vote that helped kill the Obamacare repeal, which was precisely what had compelled so many Republicans to hold their noses, head to the polls, and put the GOP back in charge (theoretically speaking).

But as many times as we’ve written posts about the injustice of “old white men” writing most of the country’s legislation, McCain’s weekend photo sort of gave us a new perspective on the whole issue.

Um … original Amigo Steve Martin thought it was cute, so that’s something.

But we want to see Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman in shorts about as much as we want to see Alex Jones running around shirtless. This is why there’s a dress code in the Capitol, for goodness sake … not to oppress women but to spare them from this.

Congress, as representatives of the people, could have gotten the Obamacare repeal that was promised done. See, we are still cranky.

That’s another way of looking at it.

We’re done here. Just for fun, though … who’s pictured in the photo of your three-person legislative dream team, currently in office or not?

* * *