If the wall-to-wall coverage by CBS Evening News Tuesday night is any indicator, it looks like the media is going to ride the tragic events in Charlottesville for a while longer, which means each and every tweet from the likes of David Duke and Richard Spencer will be given way more attention than it deserves — which is none.

You could say that the media is doing America a favor by bringing white supremacy to the forefront and forcing the nation to confront it. You could say that, or you could say the media is giving way too much oxygen to a fringe element. A new NPR/PBS/Marist poll conducted Monday and Tuesday reveals that 86 percent of adults “mostly disagree” with the white supremacist movement.

The bad news, of course …

What’s interesting is that the party breakdown shows those who mostly agree are spread pretty evenly: that’s 2 percent of Democrats and 3 percent of Republicans and Independents.

Black Lives Matter seemed to be the big winner, with 50 percent of adults saying they “mostly agree” with the movement; that doesn’t line up, though, with a Harvard-Harris survey also released this month, which revealed that  57 percent of likely voters held an “unfavorable view” of BLM.

We know now that the “alt-left” is just a made-up term, but the “alt-right” and the antifa both ended up in the outer fringes with white supremacy, although a majority (53 percent) of those surveyed said they were “unsure” about the antifa. Aren’t they, like, World War II soldiers storming the beach at Normandy?

Agreed. Twitchy has published plenty of posts about the antifa in their kerchiefs and matching black hoodies, but when the president tries to convince the press there are leftists out there with pepper spray, water pistols full of urine, and baseball bats (even at funeral services), they become awfully agitated.

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