It was only mid-February when Twitchy reported that the NRA had brought on Dana Loesch as an official spokesperson, which was welcome news to a lot of conservatives.

As we said then, “Conservatives know their principles are sound, but we also know the frustration of watching a lot of conservative leaders flounder when it comes to articulating and defending those principles in the liberally dominated media — not a concern with Loesch doing the talking.”

It didn’t even take until August when that statement proved true, as the NRA finally had a voice unwilling to stand silently while progressives engaged in a full-on culture war against law-abiding gun owners. Unused to resistance, anti-gun groups like the Women’s March found no recourse but to make outrageous claims, like Loesch’s NRA spot was “a direct endorsement of violence.”

Like many journalists who coasted through the Obama years, MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes appears to have awakened recently and only now noticed the NRA starting to fight fire with fire.

So, no, we no longer have House Democrats singing spirituals and holding 25-hour catered sit-ins to demand gun control. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House hasn’t emboldened the NRA so much as it has triggered “The Resistance,” who are freaking out over every progressive issue being under siege.

They could concede that the massive losses Democrats have taken are a sign that the public doesn’t want their brand of “common sense” gun control … but, nah.

Was someone saying something about the fight for Second Amendment rights turning into a culture war?

Just for fun, how about looking at what’s actually going on legislatively.

* * *