Ali Vitali covers President Trump and the White House for NBC News, and on Tuesday she published a lengthy piece asking if Trump was (finally) ready to pivot toward acting “presidential.” Last March, during the campaign, he assured the press, “I can be more presidential than anybody,” with the notable exception of Abraham Lincoln.

The piece is worth a read, but in short, Vitali wonders 1) if the appointment of Ret. Marine Gen. John Kelly as chief of staff is going to impose some much-needed order and discipline inside the administration, and 2) if anything or anyone could make Trump stop tweeting.

Responses to her tweet made Vitali suspect that no one was reading the actual piece, but there’s no question the tweet and headline are pretty heavily loaded.

Again, while the piece leaves it up in the air as to whether a new tone at the White House is in the works, readers seemed pretty convinced there was no point in asking the question.

* * *