First, a reality check for those in need: yes, Sen. John McCain returned to the Senate today, and yes, he voted in support of a motion to proceed with the Senate Republicans’ health care bill. No, he did not cast a deciding vote to repeal Obamacare, and honestly, who knows if he would? Today’s vote was all about moving forward with debate.

Or was it? There have been hundreds, probably thousands of tweets from American citizens who really believe McCain, despite recently being diagnosed with a brain tumor, voted to take away health care from up to 22 million people, simple as that.

The hot takes have raised tempers to the boiling point, but freelance writer Sean T. Collins let rip with a pair of tweets that perfectly summed up the mood of the day on social media.

The first came last night along with rumors that McCain would be making his return to the Capitol after recovering from eye surgery.

Dang … McCain, with his “maverick” ways, always seemed to be one of the few Republicans that Democrats liked more than the GOP did. Of course, any legacy he had is completely shot, now. Because of that motion to proceed.

Collins wasn’t feeling any better Tuesday after the vote, which was a lot more specifically targeted that we thought. He deleted the tweet, but here’s a screen capture of his stock answer to any doubters.

Here are plenty more …

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