We’ve seen more than a few times here some really dubious headlines from the world’s biggest and most respected press agencies. You know what we’re talking about — when your eyes wander beyond the headline that reads, “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem,” only to learn that the three Palestinians were responsible for the deadly stabbing, in this case of a young police woman.

Or, say, when the ticker reads, “Palestinians shot boarding kids’ bus,” only for the story to explain that those Palestinians were armed with knives as they tried to force their way onto that bus full of Israeli children; that plan thwarted, they later stabbed a man at another bus stop.

So in that spirit, check out this tweet from Reuters Friday, linking to a story about violence surrounding Israel’s installation of metal detectors at the Noble Sanctuary-Temple Mount compound.

The loss of life really is unfortunate, although if you click the link embedded in that tweet, the very first line of the piece reports that “six people were killed on Friday in the bloodiest spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence for years,” three of them Israelis. What, the tweet didn’t mention that?

Maybe we’re nitpicking here too, but it seems important to note that the three Israelis weren’t killed amid the rioting … a 19-year-old Palestinian sneaked into their home while they were having dinner and began stabbing them. Two men, age 60 and 40, and a woman, 40, were stabbed to death, while a 68-year-old woman was hospitalized with stab wounds to her back.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Omar al-Abed was carrying a backpack with a Quran, his wallet, and bottle of water when he jumped the fence to the family’s home, which was close to the entrance of the settlement.

Human rights lawyer, professor, and activist Anne Bayefsky added her commentary to some of the gruesome crime scene photos.

That seems to be the international version of, “Republicans pounce …”

“I was so upset by the installation of those metal detectors, I’d broken into a family’s house and fatally stabbed them during Sabbath dinner before I even realized what I was doing.”

* * *