Indulge us in a flashback, if you will. It’s January 10, and Donald Trump’s impending inauguration already has driven liberal celebrities to lobby individual members of the Electoral College by name in search of just a few “heroes” who will flip their votes and save the country.

Suddenly, there are rumblings of something big breaking. According to CNN, it seems the Russians have material with which they can blackmail Trump. The New York Times’ Charles Blow asks how the nation can possibly go on with the inauguration until this is sorted out. Everyone agrees: this seems big … really big.

It wasn’t much later that we learned the blackmail material was the infamous Trump “dossier” with its salacious stories of Russian prostitutes. Not only that; journalists began to share how they’d all been shopped the same material but had to pass because it couldn’t be sourced or verified.

Apparently so.

The Washington Post:

The New York Times:

Mother Jones:

So that bombshell turned out to be a dud pretty quickly, although BuzzFeed decided to be the media outlet to go ahead and “err on the side of publishing” the unverified dossier, in the name of transparency.

Fast forward to today. Yes, Trump was inaugurated, and sadly, the media is still working backward from the conclusion that Russia stole the election, searching for evidence to make it true.

In any case, U.K. court documents seem to confirm that, yes, Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the dossier, shopped it around to journalists last fall.

Fusion’s co-founder he insists he’s not talking, subpoena or no subpoena.

Hey media, this story appears to be fully sourced and verified via court documents … don’t hesitate to run with it.

* * *