It’s his prerogative, we suppose, if the new White House communications director wants to delete some of his old tweets — the president himself left a virtual mine field of old tweets out there showing him tearing away at his primary rivals, contradicting himself on policy positions, etc., and it has kept his opponents and the press (same thing) busy digging for the next embarrassing find.

It seems that Anthony Scaramucci, though, wants to get on the same page as President Trump now that he’s working as part of the administration. To be honest, that sounds perfectly reasonable … and it’s not as though his opponents have already trawled his Twitter feed and archived the best bits.

Told you.

So while we’re not freaking out over Scaramucci deleting tweets, it is just a bit troubling that the man with the title “communications director” thought it was a good idea to use the term “full transparency” to describe the purging of his social media feed. That’s just putting a hanging curve ball out there for the Left to whack into the stands.

Well, Scaramucci might be taking away ready access to his Twitter archive, but he did give the press corps that air kiss, so maybe things will even out in the end.

* * *