Yes, the Daily Mail’s David Martosko was in discussions recently to become the Trump administration’s press secretary, but don’t let that color his advice on trusting PPP’s polls. Actually, following Election Day 2016, it’s probably best that every major political pollster include some sort of “For Entertainment Purposes Only” disclaimer with every new release.

So what’s this about Trump trailing not quite every Democrat (Hillary wasn’t an option) in several hypothetical 2020 matchups? According to a Public Policy Polling poll of 836 registered voters (self-reported as 42 percent Democrats, 31 percent Republicans, and 27 percent Independent/Other), President Trump loses in match ups against old-timers like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and up-and-comers like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Everybody, really.

However, he could still shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and come off looking pretty good to his base, in case he needs a quick popularity boost or something. And remember: Trump praised PPP in a 2015 tweet as “highly respected.” (Of course, that poll showed him at No. 1 in Iowa.)

Hey, 2020 could make for a great show if enough polls like this one convince Sens. Harris and Booker to jump into the presidential primary with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and maybe even Mark Zuckerberg and some surprise guests.

Here’s where things get twisted, though: Public Policy Polling was jazzed to have been called “highly respected” by Trump in 2015, so much so they repeated it in all caps:

But if 52 percent of those polled this week called Trump an outright liar, was he telling the truth then?

* * *