It looked for a while there Wednesday as if the drama surrounding CNN and its ongoing battle with President Trump had quieted a bit, once the network’s investigation into the person responsible for that Trump vs. CNN WWE mash-up had backfired into a trending #CNNBlackmail hashtag.

There’s been a lot of wringing of hands over whether the clip was an incitement to real-life violence against reporters in the field, whom Katy Tur of NBC News recently likened to firefighters running into a fire.

While that comparison led to a few muscle sprains as people’s eyes rolled back into their heads, it was CNN host Chris Cuomo who told the New York Times Wednesday that he doesn’t mind punching the clock at Thunderdome.

It can get crazy behind the desk there at CNN’s “New Day.” Two liberals enter, two liberals leave.

Speaking of …

Say it with us: “Fake news” was one of the original excuses Barack Obama and company floated to explain Hillary Clinton’s defeat last November, before the media decided to focus on Russia instead.

* * *


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