It’s already been proved that it’s OK to enjoy Independence Day if you’re white and, obviously, not a member of the Trump administration. Might as well add each and every member of the GOP to that group while we’re at it.

Sen. Ben Sasse, for example, tweeted an anecdote about the fireworks at his place.

It must have been nice before everyone in the country lost their damn minds. Sasse was good enough to share a pro-tip, though, that everyone should pass along to friends and loved ones.

New rule, effective immediately: no more talk or tweets about holidays, firecrackers, kids, family … anything … until … we’re not sure, exactly. Obamacare was a start, sure, but until government sees to it that no one has to worry about sickness or injury ever again, there’s nothing else to talk about, is there?

We’re hearing a pretty equal spread of tens of thousands of deaths and millions; there seems to be some confusion out there.

Again, it seems it’s become government’s job not only to guarantee health care for citizens, but also to somehow legislate freedom from worry and anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Independence Day seems an odd time to realize that’s why a good portion of the country wants and expects.

* * *