It’s not difficult to picture a near future in which legislators take epic bong rips during those late-night filibusters, but for now the closest we’re likely to get is Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) vaping during a committee meeting. Today was apparently a repeat performance by Duncan:

Hunter, “a vocal supporter of e-cigarettes,” practices what he preaches.

Melanie Zanona writes in The Hill that Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) had proposed an amendment to ban e-cigarettes on flights by changing the definition of smoking to include “a device that delivers nicotine to a user of the device in the form of a vapor that is inhaled to simulate the experience of smoking.”

Hunter then produced two e-cigarettes to demonstrate that there’s no appreciable difference between those that deliver nicotine and those that do not.

Hunter’s stunt failed to convince.

Some had problems with a congressman vaping during a committee meeting, while others criticized Hunter’s technique.

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