Twitchy readers have probably forgotten that this site has already covered the “controversy” surrounding the haircut favored by white nationalist Richard Spencer and many neo-Nazis: you know, the “Hippler,” the “fashy,” etc.

Just weeks after the election, LA Weekly, the Washington Post and Esquire had served up hot takes on the Alt-Right’s coiffure of choice, and now Esquire has been triggered again by Eric Trump’s new haircut, publishing a piece entitled, “Eric Trump’s New Haircut Is a Little Too ‘White Nationalist’ for Comfort.”

The new ‘do hasn’t escaped the notice of the Huffington Post either.

What’s funny is that no one in America would be reminded of that “certain white nationalist” every time they saw the haircut if the media hadn’t given Richard Spencer so much oxygen in the rush to make the “alt-right” an actual thing when, in fact, most Americans had heard “nothing at all” about any such movement.

Dana Loesch isn’t the only one to note that Trump’s haircut isn’t hard to spot in the United States, and not because it’s been overrun with Nazis.

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