A little over a week ago, an unnamed source told CNN that President Trump, during lunch with Republican senators, had called the health care reform bill passed by the House “mean.” Not surprisingly, Democrats picked up on that report and ran with it, and on Thursday, they rushed to declare the Senate’s offering not just mean, but meaner.

That’s a great idea; they totally should be.

Whoa, somebody hold this guy back … cruel? Well, that’s still a step above Sen. Chris Murphy declaring it “evil.”

Albert Brooks weighed in with what sounds kind of like a joke, albeit with a body count.

Could it get worse than that? How about … genocidal? Maybe the progressive celebrities with huge Twitter fan bases aren’t going that far, but some of their followers are. Rachel Maddow’s account retweeted some of the sit-ins and protests going on Thursday.

Reliable progressive tool George Takei agreed with Sen. Tim Kaine that the Senate bill wasn’t just mean, but cruel.

Any other votes for the Democrats to drop the silly “mean and meaner” schtick and go right for “genocidal”?

* * *