Imagine if you will the daughter of a pastor who decided to change her name and pursue a career in music. In a bid for publicity, she sets up a webcam that broadcasts her every move 24/7. Her name was Ana Voog, the year was 1997, and 20 years later, Katy Perry would rip off the idea to help sell her new album.

The cameras have been turned off, but the “Katy Perry – Live: Witness World Wide” event did bless the Internet with one fantastic still shot of Perry in striped pajamas that’s inspired some great captions.

Ben Shapiro, as usual, nailed it with his reimagining of Perry on the floor of the Javits Center upon hearing the news the Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be delivering her victory speech.


Those two really should get together, sip hot cocoa, and discuss government mandated health insurance.

Don’t feel too sad for Perry; she had plenty of happy moments too during her broadcast.

Plus, she was treated to pancakes shaped like Lady Gaga on demand, apparently.

Sorry, certain bros, but there is no cure for feminism.

* * *