By an overwhelming 98-2 vote, the Senate passed Sen. Bob Corker’s “Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017” Thursday, with Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Bernie Sanders being the only nay votes.

Although the act imposes sanctions on Iran, an amendment which imposes sanctions on Russia and blocks the president’s power to lift or ease those sanctions grabbed the most attention in the headlines.

As Corker explained in a statement, the Senate saw the passage of the legislation, and the language connected to the Russia sanctions specifically, as a reassertion of congressional authority following decades of Congress “slowly and irresponsibly” ceding its authority to the executive branch — which many assume is a swipe specifically at Donald Trump. For evidence, just check out how happy the vote made George Takei:

Interestingly, Sanders, one of only two votes against the legislation, had asked last week that the vote be delayed after a terrorist attack in Tehran killed 12 people and injured 40 more.

Despite a week’s delay, Sanders still voted against the sanctions, explaining that further sanctions could endanger the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. “That is not a risk worth taking,” he asserted.

Sanders explained that he supported the sanctions against Russia, which were added in an amendment Wednesday, making the whole thing an all or nothing proposition: sanctions against Iran and Russia, or none at all.

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