As Twitchy reported, some uncomfortable ripples spread quickly through the Capitol when NBC News’ Kasie Hunt tweeted that reporters had been told they were not allow to film interviews with senators in hallways, despite having done so for years.

CNN quickly put together a compilation of Senate Democrats (oh, and “a handful of Republicans”) who expressed outrage over the restriction.

By the time CNN’s piece went live, though, word was that the Senate Rules Committee already had reversed course.

We’re not sure exactly what happened, to be honest, but it seems like a bad idea that blew over quickly, thankfully. Chalk it up to being a journalist in the Trump era, apparently.

Yeah, that was probably the craziest bit of all, having their professionalism maligned.

There’s no denying that the relationship between President Trump and the media is strained at best, but we can’t imagine being, say, Fox News’ James Rosen and reading tweet after tweet like the one above.

We remember that brutal beheading … as well as the reassurance from White House aides that President Obama’s golf game that afternoon “did not reflect the depth of his grief.”

Remember when President Obama’s White House banned photographers during events at which the White House has its own official photographers and videographers present? That was press restriction taken to “another level.”

They’ve been trying to resurrect journalism ever since the election with the encouragement of high priestess Christiane Amanpour, but they’re still a little rusty at little things like sourcing and fact-checking.

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